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The Leading UK Blast Cleaning Company & Coating Specialist. Established Since 1990. We offer a broad range of onsite, mobile and in-house blast cleaning, preparation and finishing services for a wide area of commercial, industrial and domestic requirements including heritage restoration projects.

Beachyhead Lighthouse

We were asked to tender for the works by Trinity House which we won. After an aborted attempt on the 17th September due to sea conditions we started work on the 20th September. The work involved Ultra High Pressure Washing of the whole structure, removing all loose coatings and re-applying new coatings to all the metal work and the granite tower. Read more

Cutty Sark

No job too large or too small

Sussex Blast Cleaning have teams dedicated to all areas of blast cleaning from small domestic work such as Oak Beam Restoration , Stone and Brickwork to large operations such as The Cutty Sark restoration project. We offer a complete service from cleaning to the latest coating systems. Sussex Blast Cleaning also specialise in storage tank cleaning and restoration throughout the UK.

Cutty Sark

Specialist Paint & Coating Services

Hot Zinc , Galvanising, Powder Coating, Metal Spraying, Spray Finishing, Airless Spraying, Electrostatic PaintinG . . .

We can work to NORSOK specifications, provide inspection to ICORR and NACE level 3 and we are approved to supply BP, Chevron, TOTAL to name a few


Cutty Sark

Captive Shot Blasting

In 2011 due to on-going storage tank refurbishment works we purchased a blast track machine which is a captive blasting machine for blast cleaning floors, we primarily purchased this machine for oil tank refurbishment as we could strip it down and fit it through a 600mm man way and re-assemble once inside.

Blastrac technology and equipment provide part of the comprehensive resources and expertise behind the preparation and restoration and services we provide. Bridge, highway and surface preparation is completed with safety, efficiency whilst protecting the environment.

Read more about our Blastrac services

Captive Shot Blasting

Cutty Sark Restoration

In May 2007, the fire on the Cutty Sark was seen as an opportunity for the Company to offer its services to restore the proud status of this unique British Heritage. The ship was undoubtedly in a sorry state and Sussex Blast Cleaning Limited made a proactive approach and presented their services.

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Cutty Sark

Local Shot Blasting Services

Some examples of work undertaken. Large Scale Local Work

• Property restoration
• Oak beam restoration
• Timber restoration
• Walls, fireplaces Inglenooks
• Stone and Brickwork
• Gates and railings
• Garden furniture
• Ironwork and steelwork
• Yacht & Boat hulls
• Stairways & Fire escapes
• Balconies
• Fire damaged property

• Windmills
• Churches
• Office blocks
• Seafront Railings
• Memorials
• Steam Engines
Local Shot Blasting Services

Large Scale National Works

We manage and undertake many large scale national projects such as Industrial & Environmental Works, Heritage &Restoration and Storage Tanks / Refineries

Projects and clients have included

• Cutty Sark Restoration
• HMS Warrior Restoration • Dartford Barrier
• Thames Water filtration plants
• London Royal Parks - Lamp refurbishment
• Calor Gas, Canvey Island
• Total Guernsey
• AkzoNobel Paint factory - Stowmarket

Large Scale National Works

FactoryPaint & Coating Systems

The painting process is a specialised area where Sussex Blast Cleaning have excelled over the last three decades. Coating systems will vary considerably, over a wide choice where paint finishes are required to meet demanding conditions. All our processes are monitored and inspected using independent regulators.

  • We provide the most advanced painting services and paint coating systems.
  • Figh performance coatings including NORSOK M501 Specification
Click here for Painting & Coating Services

We are supported by the world's leading coating specialists who provide qualified chemists for on- site backup around the world. They have industry recognised inspection certificates (ICORR and NACE) and working alongside them we offer a range of services that includes:

  • On-site Inspections
  • Corrosion Surveys
  • Advice on Specifications
  • Guidance on Methods of Application


Blast Cleaning Services

  • Blast Cleaning is a broad term to describe a number of different processes used in the restoration and preparation process for surfaces. The process can involve both dry blasting and wet blasting using graded blasting media.

    • Grit Blasting
    • Water Blasting
    • Shot Blasting
    • Jet Blasting
    • Dry Blasting
    • Wet Blasting
    • Garnet Blasting
    • Paint Systems & Coating Systems
    • Hot Zinc Spraying
    • Galvanising
    • Powder Coating
    • Site Surveys & Consultancy
    • Project Reports
    • CDM Project Management
  • Grit Blasting

    Using a variety of media such as Garnet, Olivine, and aluminium oxide, ( see more) which can be used across most industrial and metal restoration projects. This will cover sectors such as oils and petro chemicals, the gas industry, marine, buildings, environmental, water, heritage restoration, bridges, aircraft buildings

  • Shot Blasting

    Using media such as Sinterball and Glass bead used in specialist areas, often where there is attention to detail

  • Sand Blasting

    This is more a historical term, as the blasting media has become more sophisticated and environmentally sensitive, it is no longer used commercially

  • Water Blasting

    Sophisticated technologies and equipment providing high pressure application has enabled surfaces to be cleaned to high standards whilst suppressing dust in sensitive areas. It inert nature can prove an advantage in sensitive environments

  • Trade - Industrial - Domestic

    We offer three main divisions to suit our three main type of customers. Trade, Industrial & Domestic.

  • • Commercial & Industrial
    • Property Cleaning/Maintenance
    • Utilities Services
    • Domestic Services
    • Homeowner Services
    • Marine & Harbour Services
    • Automotive, Bike & Motorcycle
    • Tank Cleaning
    • Special Projects
    • Factory or Onsite

Our Factory

Our factory, based in Hailsham, provides a base and centre our our blasting and coating work. Our facilities include enclosed blast rooms, multiple spraying and coating booths along with a range of ovens for the drying and finishing process.

We work with individual components and batch production to specification or to a commercial finish. We can work to NORSOK specifications, provide inspection to ICORR and NACE level 3 and we are approved to supply BP, Chevron, TOTAL to name a few. The factory works with both new components and old, but our surface preparation capabilities enable high quality coatings and surface finishes to achieve lasting results far beyond normal expectations.

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Captive Shot Blasting

In 2011 due to on-going storage tank refurbishment works we purchased a blastrac machine which is a captive blasting machine for blast cleaning floors,click here.

National Projects

The Cutty Sark
We are members of the Cutty Sark restoration team responsible for various aspects of the cleaning and finish of the ship. Read more

Dulux ICI Factory - April 2010
We were appointed not only on our reputation and testimonials but also in the capability as principle contractor, managing the whole project to CDM 2007 regulations Read more

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