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Dedicated car body restoration service

We have a dedicated vehicle body restoration service where we can blast body shells back to the bear metal by using difference sorts of abrasive so not to warp or damage body panels.  We use very fine SC’s through to plastic abrasive which will only remove coatings and leave the bare metal as it was when originally manufactured. SC abrasive is a fine Calcium Silicate synthetic mineral media as an alternative to sand. We restore all types of vehicles from modern to classic cars.

In-house automotive restoration

All works are carried out at our premises in Sussex in our large purpose built blast room, by our highly skilled team.

Classic Car Restoration
Classic Car Restoration

Paint & Powder Coatings

We also offer a full paint and powder coating service to leave your car body and frames looking like new.

Tel: 01323 849229

Car Body Shell Blasting
Classic Car Restoration