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Temperate House at Kew Gardens


Sussex Blast Cleaning have been appointed as a subcontractor to restore the World’s largest Victorian glasshouse, the Temperate House at Kew Gardens. Following highly successful projects on the Cutty Sark and Beachy  Head Lighthouse, the company have been contracted to work on this iconic landmark.

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Beachyhead Lighthouse Restoration


We were asked to tender for the works by Trinity House which we won. After an aborted attempt on the 17th September due to sea conditions we started work on the 20th September. The work involved Ultra High Pressure Washing of the whole structure, removing all loose coatings and re-applying new coatings to all the metal work and the granite tower.

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Cutty Sark Restoration


In May 2007, the fire on the Cutty Sark was seen as an opportunity for the Company to offer its services to restore the proud status of this unique British Heritage. The ship was undoubtedly in a sorry state and Sussex Blast Cleaning Limited made a proactive approach and presented their services.They were invited to complete trials for the restoration project, where it was able to demonstrate fully its high levels of competence and expertise. The contract was won to complete the restoration in November 2007 after competing against much larger and high profile companies.

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HMS Warrior


In July 2010 HMS Warrior invited the Company to undergo coating trials for its long term restorations projects.

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Royal Parks – London


In 2011 Sussex Blast were awarded the contract to refurbish the Victorian Gas Lamp Columns and associated metal works in Hyde Park, St James Park and Birdcage Walk which will hopefully be ongoing.

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Lewes Cliffe Bridge


In the summer of 2010 Heritage projects continued with the restoration of the historic Lewes Cliffe Bridge.

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Newhaven Lighthouse


In 2009 the Newhaven Lighthouse was restored from a state of bad condition back to its landmark status at the port entrance. Exposed conditions proved challenging at times, but the Company have received accolades of praise for the difference it has made and the quality of its work.

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