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The New Millennium

The new millennium saw the Company operating out of larger premises and broadening its fields of activities. It took on more challenging heritage projects such as windmill restorations, the De La War Pavilion in Bexhill, Black Friars Bridge in London and a two year project restoring the listed Army Barracks in Gosport, Hampshire.

Royal Parks

Sussex Blast Cleaning have been busy with a number of works in and around the Royal Parks in London. Stripping back preparing and repainting benches, railings and Her Majesty’s lamps at our workshops in Sussex.

Kew Gardens

Sussex Blast Cleaning have been appointed as a subcontractor to restore the World’s largest Victorian glasshouse, the Temperate House at Kew Gardens. Following highly successful projects on the Cutty Sark and Beachy Head Lighthouse, the company have been contracted to work on this iconic landmark.

Beachy Head Lighthouse

We were asked to tender for the works by Trinity House which we won. After an aborted attempt on the 17th September due to sea conditions we started work on the 20th September. The work involved Ultra High Pressure Washing of the whole structure, removing all loose coatings and re-applying new coatings to all the metal work and the granite tower.

Thames Water

By 2005 the larger industrial projects were completed including the restoration of the plant facilities at Thames Water. The projects built up the competence within the business along with commitment to continuous improvement and staff development. The training qualifications and certification for both skills and safety are extensive and comprehensive within the organisation.

Petrochem Carless Refinery

In 2006, the Company was invited to complete restoration work on the Petrochem Carless refinery at Harwich, completing both external and internal restoration on storage tank facilities. It subsequently developed a tank lining process which has prolonged the life of tank floors by at least 15 years, saving the industry millions of pounds in replacement costs. This section of the business has developed considerably, where the process techniques have been refined to give an optimum turnaround for high value storage facilities in a safety critical environment. Ongoing projects continue with other large storage plant facilities at ASCO, Vopak, Calor Gas, TDG, BP Shell and Total.

High Specification Time Sensitive Projects

The factory processes have also moved forward with smaller but no less sophisticated achievements. Large oil companies were also using the Company’s facilities for high performance coatings including NORSOK M501 Specification on undersea pipelines and equipment that couldn’t be obtained anywhere else in the south of England. The Company achieves short turnarounds on high specification and time sensitive projects utilising its own in-house inspection capabilities.

Cutty Sark Restoration

In May 2007, the fire on the Cutty Sark was seen as an opportunity for the Company to offer its services to restore the proud status of this unique British Heritage. Sussex Blast Cleaning Limited was invited to complete trials for the restoration project, where it was able to demonstrate fully its high levels of competence and expertise. The contract was won to complete the restoration in November 2007. This has been an ongoing project, the Company has been proud to undertake, and a lasting icon, which has given its staff great pride and satisfaction to work on. This project has certainly seen the business move forward in both status and reputation.

Heritage work

The Company continues to develop both its project and heritage work. In 2009 the Newhaven Lighthouse was restored fully to its landmark status at the port entrance.

ICI Dulux Paint Factory

In the spring of 2010 the project to refurbish the ICI Dulux white paint factory at Stowmarket was won, where Sussex Blast Cleaning was appointed not only on its reputation and testimonials but also in the capability as principle contractor, managing the whole project to CDM 2007 regulations. “Painting the paint factory” was seen as another significant step for the business.

It also represents the partnerships it builds with substantive coating suppliers who provide technical support, back up and innovative products which are applied with proven techniques, monitored controls, along with independent analysis and testing.

Heritage projects continue with the restoration of the historic Lewes Cliffe bridge, the Company operating in a busy, high profile public location, providing complete containment and environmentally sensitive operations.

HMS Warrior

In July 2010 HMS Warrior invited the Company to undergo coating trials for its long term restorations projects, which Martin Griffin is wholly delighted and proud to be associated with Heritage projects continue with the restoration of the historic Lewes Cliffe bridge, Royal Parks and various other projects both in our factory and on site. In 2012 Sussex Blast have been asked by Trinity House and The Save the Stripe Campaign to provide a quotation for the re-painting of Beachy Head Lighthouse.

Royal Park benches

Kew Restoration






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