Beachyhead Lightouse 2013

After an aborted attempt on the 17th September due to sea conditions we started work on the 20th September. The work involved Ultra High Pressure Washing of the whole structure, removing all loose coatings and re-applying new coatings to all the metal work and the granite tower.

The Granite Tower was accessed by abseiling and the metal work on the lantern etc was accessed by a specially designed scaffold tower. The paint was applied by airless spray, brushes and rollers. We were lucky with the weather conditions during the project and only lost five days due to rain and high winds. Most mornings were foggy meaning we could not apply paint until the humidity went below the specification tolerances usually around 11am.

Sussex Blast on the BBC News

Living on the lighthouse

Whilst the work was in progress we lived on the lighthouse which was a truly memorable experience. There was no TV as you could not get a reception below the cliffs, there was an old fashioned VHS video recorder but only one tape which was Air Wolf and that only played half way and then rewound itself! So we supplied a DVD Player and films to keep everyone amused mainly horror films one of them being The Fog which is based on a lighthouse! The cooking facilities were OK but a bit dated and we supplied top quality ready meals for ease of use.

We had use of a boat called Excalibur from Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne for supplies etc and also used a boat from Newhaven for photographs, press and sightseeing trips called Gaviota.

Work completed

We finished the work on Thursday 10 October and left the lighthouse on the 11th October. We are very pleased with the results and following all the media coverage we received have had a lot of nice feedback from everywhere.

Beachyhead Lighthouse

For more information please look at the Save The Stripes website which was the fund raising team for the project. Rob Wassell (Keep the Stripes) and Sussex Blast Cleaning Facebook Page.

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