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Questions and answers about our services:

What are your principal products or services and what is unique about them?
How do you measure their success?
We are a company who provide blast cleaning and paint coating systems as service to a broad and varied customer base from our premises or on-site with mobile operations. Our unique position is our refined capabilities, honed over twenty five years, with a loyal workforce that can overcome the most challenging projects. The fire on the Cutty Sark in 2007, set one of these challenges. The Trust recognised our capabilities and we won the contract against many large companies to restore the vessel. This was due to our technical abilities in the field of blast cleaning and paint coating processes. The Trust were absolutely delighted with the restoration when the main body of the ship was completed in 2009.

As a result of our work we were invited to carry out trials on another national heritage project, HMS Warrior, and a major environmental project at the Dartford Barrier. Proudly, we were also invited to paint the fully automated ICI Dulux factory at Stowmarket, (paint the paint factory!) where we also managed the whole project. We measure our success both on the higher level of challenges provided and our continuing ability to fully satisfy an increasingly broader customer base with ever higher levels of technological coating products. As an example we have developed and refined the process of installing a tank lining on the base of large liquid storage tanks used in oil refineries and bulk storage facilities. This has prolonged the life of the floors by over 15 years saving the industry millions of pounds in replacement costs. This is seen as large growth potential for the business along with other specialist activity areas.

What testing facilities do you provide?
We have both in-house and on-site testing. NACE 3 , Iccor level 2 & 3. We also work with our suppliers who will sign off our work and guarantee the finish. We can also offer independent testing to certify our work.

ConstructionlineWhat accreditations do you hold?
Acreditations – ISO 9001. We are ICAT registered and Achilles Link certified. All our workforce are fully trained in Health and Safety requirements including confined space and breathing apparatus. We are also a BP accredited supplier.

How do we book Sussex Blast Cleaning?
We are always happy to meet customer’s onsite to discuss any projects and provide you with the benefit of our advice and consultancy services. It always help if you can give us as much information as possible in your initial enquiry so we can provide a more precise proposal and detailed quotation. We can provide quotations over the phone based on square meterage, but would prefer to survey a project. Please confirm by e-mail to info@sussexblastcleaning.co.uk

What areas do you cover?
We work mainly across the whole of the South East, South Coast, London and Greater London into Essex, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex, Norfolk and Suffolk. We also have clients on Humberside and North of England, the Midlands, we will travel throughout the UK and have even worked abroad.

What does the future hold for Sussex Blast Cleaning?
We are passionate about our trade so always looking for the next challenge. We have completed a testing refurbishment on the Cutty Sark and look forward to more projects with HMS Warrior, Thames Water and the Dartford Barrier in 2011. Our project management to CDM regulations 2007 will undoubtedly introduce new opportunities and our tank lining process continues to be in high demand along with storage tank restoration. Our reputation is a blossoming spring flower with lots of colourful growth to look forward to. We are excited about our prospects as sun shines on our business.






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