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Metal Spraying

Metal Spraying gives a high quality finish and a range of advantages:

  • Coatings are available for prompt use with no drying or curing times.
  • Higher level of bond strength than most other thermally sprayed deposits.
  • Zinc metal spray is suitable for protection of up to 200°C.
  • Aluminium metal spray gives protection against temperatures of up to 400°C.
  • It is often specified in preference to galvanising for its ease of application without the need for drain/vent holes.

The Metal Spraying Process

Metal spraying is the application of spraying molten non-ferrous metals. The molten material which is propelled on to the surface is atomised by a cone of compressed air.

All metal sprayed items are blast cleaned to S.A.3 prior to being metal sprayed.

On contact the molten spray solidifies onto the surface to form a dense, strong, adherent coating. Once completed, products can be given a decorative finish, depending on customer requirements.

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