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Paint Systems & Coating Systems

We provide the most advanced painting services and paint coating systems.

We work with all the leading coating manufacturers to provide the most highly developed products to meet our customers’ needs. Our relationship with our suppliers is critical to our business; we work alongside them and with their technological progress, investment, quality and testing we are able to deliver the highest quality and reliability attainable.

Sussex Blast Cleaning view this as a partnership where all are striving for continued improvements, high levels of customer satisfaction and outstanding results, which our workforce and customers are proud of for years to come.

Coating Inspection Services

We now offer ICCOR and NACE inspection services.

  • On-site Inspections
  • Corrosion Surveys
  • Advice on Specifications
  • Guidance on Methods of Application

The painting process is a specialised area where Sussex Blast Cleaning have excelled over the last three decades. Coating systems will vary considerably, over a wide choice where paint finishes are required to meet demanding conditions. All our processes are monitored and inspected using independent regulators.

Read more about surface preparation using our Blastrac machine at our site dedicated to the Blastrac Machine


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