Petrochem Carless Refinery, Harwich

The Petrochem Carless Project , at the Harwich Refinery, covered the restoration, refurbishment and coating of 12 storage tanks, handrails and walkway structures. The project was monitored by an independent test house.

Sussex Blast Cleaning were chosen as the preferred contractor as they could carry out the entire project including supplying their own scaffolding, ensuring only one company was involved in completing the job. The operation went smoothly from start to finish and lasted 8 weeks.

“The contractors have displayed professionalism, enthusiasm and willingness to achieve the best possible standards, and have fulfilled the requirements of the specification.”

Since the first initial 12 running-in tanks, Sussex Blast Cleaning have blasted and painted many more for Petrochem, both internally including tank linings and externally. The company continues to service the customer’s ongoing requirements.

Petrochem Carless Refinery

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