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Powder Coating

Powder coating is the application of dry powder to metal items. It is usually used to create a harder finish that is tougher than conventional paint processes. It is strong, abrasion resistant and solid to provide years of anti corrosion protection for products and applications.

Electro Statically Charged

Powder coating is applied by an electrostatic gun, the powder being electro statically charged and sprayed onto the part. It is then placed in a curing oven where the powder particles melt together and bond to form a continuous film, this provides a highly durable, quality finish coating.

Long Lasting, Low-Maintenance & Colourful Finish

When applied to a galvanised substrate, powder coating provides a long lasting, low-maintenance and colourful finish well suited to architectural metalwork, fencing, gates, street furniture and other mild steel products. Today’s powder coating technologies deliver vast potential for exciting and diverse effects, from metallic finishes to colours in varying gloss levels.

We offer many different types of powder coating:

  • Polyester powder
  • Nylon powder
  • Zinc powder primer
  • Plastic coating
  • Warm to touch coatings
  • Textured finish coatings
  • Clear lacquer

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