Site Surveys & Consultancy

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Site Surveys & Consultancy

Technological advances in coating systems and methods of surface preparation, as well as changes in safety and environmental legislation, impact directly on abrasive choice and selection. The location, the environment and the application will vary. There is over 30 years of continued development of systems and techniques across a broad spectrum of applications and requirements.

There will be in depth evaluation of the processes required which will include:

  • The equipment required
  • Manpower resources
  • Blasting media
  • Time scale
  • Cost implications Planning

Areas which will require close attention cover:

  • Health and Safety
  • Risk assessments
  • Method statements
  • Environmental issues
  • CDM regulations
  • Project coordination
  • Time critical issues
  • Production implications
  • Confined spaces
  • Logistics
  • Location implications, such as environment, resources and services

Sussex Blast Cleaning are highly capable of satisfying the existing and future demands of the industry through its continual service advancements and innovation.

Each site and project is different and with all the various aspects to consider. Using experienced and qualified assessment the most efficient, safest and effective solution will be recommended to meet the client’s needs.

Comprehensive Service: Our Technical Support

As part of our comprehensive service, our technical support team is able to offer advice on abrasive selection for all specific applications, environments and locations. As well as recommending a coating specification and manufacturer to meet specific requirements. We will come to your site, survey the project and make recommendations of the cleaning and preparation process required along with a suitable coating system to meet your requirements.




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