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Tank Cleaning & Restoration

Since 2006 the company has been specialising in restoration, refurbishment and tank linings at major refinery and bulk storage facilities across the UK and further afield. Techniques and processes have continued to be advanced using the latest technology and specifications to meet often intricate needs of our customers for both their storage and system facilities.

The forefront of Sussex Blast Cleaning ethos is safety, sustainability and working in the healthiest environment for both our customers and employees.

We are committed to:

  • Investment and automation using the latest technologies
  • Measure, monitor and constantly improve our environmental performance both for our customers and our operatives • Reduce our carbon footprint and improve the environment
  • To increase efficiency and reduce the downtime for our customers
  • To dramatically improve our costs to pass on significant savings to our customers through process innovation
  • Reduce the consumption of abrasives and subsequent waste products by over 90%
  • To comply with all applicable environmental quality, health and safety, and product laws and regulations

The Automated Process

The remote control blast cleaning process externally is both, fast, clean and welcomed by our skilled operatives and our customers. Both internally and externally, using a our mechanised processes, with its minimal use of grit, will produce a surface finish to SA2.5 and will typically save at least 75% on process time, critical to a refinery or storage facility where capacity is under pressure. Our bagging system to every available extraction unit also guarantees no dust or hazardous particles escapes into the environment.

Tank Linings

Tank floors are often subject to heavy corrosion due to the nature of the cargo being stored. Working with our key suppliers, the Company has refined the lining process using chopped fibre which will add at least 15 years to the life of a tank floor without the need for costly replacement.

This innovative process requires precision at the point of delivery which our highly skilled staff provides through their training and expertise.

Our Staff

We have an extremely loyal and highly skilled staff. All staff are ICAT approved and have had considerable experience ranging from 3 to 20 years with safety certification for all processes. Our company is very flexible in locations both in the UK and abroad, accommodating tight deadlines without compromising safety or quality. We use the latest equipment and technologies to produce the most and effective and efficient results for our customers where time is critical to their processes and operations.

Our Management

We have over 25 years experience of blasting and coating which enables us to advise and recommend the most effective process along with coating specifications to meet the most robust requirements. Our knowledge and understanding sets us apart, and our reputation has been built on customer care. We are very proud of our work and always aspire to ever increasing customer satisfaction with each project.

Track Record

Caring for our customers is paramount; our record and reputation has been built up over 20 years, however some say you are only as good as the last piece of work. Recently we completed the first refurbishment of the fully automated ICI Dulux White Paint Factory at Stowmarket. We managed the whole project to CDM 2007 regulations with production being unaffected. We were delighted to be given the opportunity to “Paint the Paint Factory” More recently we have carried out work for Exxon Mobil.

Tank restoration is at the core of our business and we relish the opportunity to demonstrate our innovative and automated techniques that protect the environment, save both time and money along with increased safety for both our operatives and customers.






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